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         Format & length: Feature Film                                                                           Theatrical Release: March 2019


The actor Jakúp Domenech lives completely absorbed by his theater and everything around the theater. A great opportunity knocks on his door at the same time as paranormal and strange phenomena begin to happen in the theater. The surroundings begin to undermine Bruno's mind making him not only unpredictable but also, ultimately, dangerous.

                                                                                  CAST                                                     CREW

Jakúp                                                Hjálmar Dam

Kristian                                 Jákup Dahl Wardum

Bara                                                Annika á Lofti

Production companies                          Havnar Sjónleikarfelag

Scriptwriter                                                              Pablo Merin

Director                                                                   Pablo Merin

Producers                           Birgir Djurhuus og Karin Djurhuus


Produced bay                                             Hanna Flóvinsdóttir 


Director of Photography                                     Ferran Casterá

Casting                                                        Hanna Flóvinsdóttir 


Sound                                                                 Matias Nunez 


Sound editing                          Matias Nunez og Jón McBirnie  


Music                                     Matias Nunez og Carlos Montfort


Editing                                                                Anton Petersen



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